How to Get the Biggest Insurance Discounts for Your Roof

Every day now it seems like you need more and more insurance just to make it through the day alive. Somehow the cost of insurance is supposed to protect your wallet, but somehow the trickle of money down the drain seems to happen. How can a well-informed homeowner reduce or even eliminate the unnecessary waste? That homeowner can read a few tips on how to reduce homeowner insurance costs, maintenance costs, and long term repair costs.

Resistant Roofs

There’s a reason why tough things last longer; that’s because they are made with better materials and many more layers. The extra layers add physical protection from things like hail impacts and other falling debris (Impact Resistance), as well as fire resistance. Typically you see the biggest discounts in areas prone to these events like central Texas and hail or west Texas and fires.

Metal Roofing

While metal roofs are a bit more expensive to install they are actually a little more affordable if you plan on staying in your house for a while. In addition to being extremely fire resistant and impact resistant, metal roofs area also some of the most energy efficient roofs you can install on your home. Combine all of these factors and the reduced need for maintenance and repair, a metal roof could also end up costing you LESS than a traditional shingle roof.

New Roofs

If your buying a pre-existing home then chances are you’re not always going to replace the roof. Your home insurance company knows this and accounts for this in case of storm damage and other events. Because older roofs tends to not hold up well against storms, special discounts can be found for replacing the roof with something more structurally sound. There is the added benefit of reduced energy costs as well!

At the end of the day you should always consult with your insurance agent on the extent of discounts by replacing or updating your roof. A professional roofer can also accurately build out a roof that will meet most insurance company discount standards.